Permanent make-up is the general application of micro pigment and it is very safe because personalized disposable sterile needles are used. The product used in the make-up make-up is plant extract and does not cause allergic reaction. These products are specially designed for permanent make-up in the face area.

    Permanent make-up products do not contain additives and fragrances. It is necessary not to confuse permanent make-up with tattooing. Persistent Make-up The biggest difference between tattooing is the duration of persistence on the skin.

    Permanent make-up All the products we use are herbal, so they gradually disappear from the skin and disappear over time. The life time of the make-up make-up is generally 2-5 years. However, this depends on the skin structure, age, and environmental factors. Colored pigments under the skin diminish as the skin is renewed, fading and eventually consuming. For this reason, the permanent make-up must be retouched at regular intervals. Light colored skins are renewed faster than brown skins. As a natural consequence of this, the duration of permanent make-up is slightly shorter. Dark skin is luckier in this regard. Also, as the age progresses, skin renewal slows down and the life of the permanent make-up is longer.

Does permanent makeup hurt?
    When the make-up is done, the area is numbed with local anesthetic creams. That's why you can not feel the pain. A slight vibration may occur during application.

Brow Contour
 It is used cosmetically to recreate the eyebrow area or fill the area. Rare eyebrows are filled in. With the application to be done, it can be corrected with a bad eyebrow shape, low eyebrows can be removed, new eyebrows can be replaced instead of spilled eyebrows due to medical reasons, or rare eyebrows can be filled. The downward swelling of the tip of the eyebrows makes the person look older and tired. In this case, you can pull your eyebrows up without any aesthetic opera- tions to make them at least 6 years younger and make you have more aesthetic facial features.

   When permanent makeup is first made you may need to be darker and therefore thicker. But in a short time this situation changes, the skin replaces itself and the pigments get a natural look. The make-up improves and becomes natural after 5 days and ends after 15 days. With this makeover, you can make any changes you want on your brow.

Who will apply the brow contour?
People who do not have eyebrows due to a medical problem,

People with sparse or half-brow,

 Those who want to have more curved eyebrows,

 Those who want to emphasize their eyebrows,

 Those who suffer from eyebrows and shaping,

 Broken eye shaped ones